We have a new nature area

Our new nature area

We’ve been busy creating a nature area at the vineyard this spring.

We’ve always had a strong bond with nature here at the vineyard. There’s nothing better in our opinion than being out in the fresh air doing something you love. We’ve always strived to create a vineyard that has a minimal impact on our environment, from reducing our use of single-use plastics or by selling BeeBombs and other eco-friendly products through our shop. The environment in and around the vineyard is an incredible hive of activity. We have bees buzzing around and little critters such as ladybugs helping the vines by eating aphids that are less appreciated. 

That’s one of the reasons we have been busy this spring making some big changes. We have had a digger in below the vineyard to reinstate an old stream that was removed decades ago. The new stream meanders its way through the field from a spring, down to the pond at the bottom. We have built a little bridge across to our new nature area. Over the coming years, we will encourage this area to become a hub for wildlife and wildflowers. We can’t wait to see the results as this small pocket of land is taken back by nature. We hope that this will boost numbers of useful insects that help the vines thrive. 

In the vineyard, we have more bee hives this year producing lovely honey which you can find in our shop. We are also allowing the grass areas beneath our windbreaks to grow naturally and encouraging wildflowers to reseed in the vineyard. In the shop, we continue to reduce the amount of plastic packaging by choosing products which are as eco-friendly as possible. You’ll never find us giving you a plastic bag with any purchase, our wines are boxed and taped with paper. The taster cups that we take to events are made from bio-plastic, making them fully compostable. 

We’re always on the lookout for great ways to be more eco-friendly! If you have any ideas, be sure to let us know

Tom Hodgetts

Tom Hodgetts

Head wine wizard
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